Luxury Premium Tequila with a Heritage

In 1942, our founder Don Julio González’s passion for tequila pushed him to improve on every aspect of the spirit — from the harvesting to the bottling — all to craft the world’s first luxury premium tequila. Made with 100% Blue Agave Plant.

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The Founder

Led by passion, Don Julio González was inspired to craft the finest tequila by revolutionizing everything, from how he planted and harvested agave to the shape of the bottle.

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The Drinks

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The Don Julio Collective

Don Julio González was a man who bucked tradition and followed his instinct. In that spirit, we’ve assembled a group of visionaries, craftsmen and artists who are making bold moves in order to pursue their passions.

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The Don Julio Truck Tour

Look for other events in the upcoming months or host your family and friends to sip responsibly on Don Julio Palomas:

1.5 oz of Don Julio Blanco and 3 oz. of grapefruit soda with grapefruit as garnish.