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Tequila Don Julio was founded nearly 80 years ago by Don Julio González, a man deeply devoted to not only his craft but also to taking care of his own within his hometown of Atotonilco El Alto in the Highlands of Jalisco where our tequila continues to be made today. Every day we celebrate his legacy and our extended familia who drink and share our tequila with the world – including those that mix incredible drinks behind the bar, cook delicious food in the kitchen, have us dancing as we celebrate with friends, share their beautiful art and culture with the world, and so many more who make our lives that much better.

The Tequila Don Julio Fund* was established to help us take care of our own with a commitment of $1 million over the next four (4) years to approved charities whose missions support the communities that have helped build our spirit into the brand it is today.

*The Tequila Don Julio Fund is a donor advised fund operated by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, organized under IRS Section 501c(3).

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Tequila Don Julio commences its 80th anniversary by honoring Mexican individuals shaping contemporary culture through their crafts for one reason – por amor. The inspiring list features 80 devoted Mexicans that embody the same level of love for their passions as our founder Don Julio González did for tequila making, much like the devoted bartenders, restaurant workers and Mexican hospitality workers who have always made our Cinco celebrations so special.

With a renewed outlook this year to celebrate more than ever before, Cinco de Mayo festivities are now back to help you celebrate at your favorite bars and restaurants again. As bartenders, restaurant workers, and most notably the Mexican workers (who keep this industry going year after year) are all welcoming us through their doors, we now have a special seat at their Cinco de Mayo celebrations to experience first-hand the crafted cocktails, culinary creations and connections to culture that they extend to us por amor.

Designed by Mexican Artist and Tequila Don Julio 80 honoree Claudio Limón, the Don Julio Cinco can be redeemed for $5 from April 28th – May 5th (while supplies last) that consumers are encouraged to spend at a local bar or restaurant of their choice. Up to $125,000 worth of Don Julio Cincos will be released, and the Tequila Don Julio Fund is matching that amount with a donation to the Association of Latino Professionals For America – an organization that empowers Latino men and women as leaders of character in the nation, and provides resources that can help turn passions born out of love into professional opportunities.

Click HERE to learn about the “Don Julio Cinco” that unlocks $5 to support the bars and restaurants!*
*$5 awarded as credit to Venmo account. U.S., 21+.

The Tequila Don Julio Fund launched on Cinco de Mayo 2021 to commit $1 million over four (4) years to approved charities whose missions help the communities that have helped build our spirit into the brand it is today.

Recognizing the bartenders and restaurant workers who have always made our Cinco celebrations so special – and the Mexican restaurant workers who are the backbones of this industry – Tequila Don Julio released the “Don Julio Cinco”, designed by Mexican artist Claudio Limón, unlocking $5 that consumers are encouraged to spend at local bars and restaurants in support of the trade. Claudio also released an exclusive design inspired by the Don Julio Cinco that was available with a non-fungible token (NFT) and auctioned, with net proceeds donated to the Tequila Don Julio Fund.

The Tequila Don Julio Fund made its first contribution through a combined donation of $125,000 in funds to benefit two charities that are providing support to this special community: Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation and No Us Without You LA.

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Raised in Atotonilco El Alto in the Highlands region of Jalisco, Don Julio González spent his life developing his craft of tequila making to achieve the highest quality standards. In 1942, he boldly approached a local businessman for a loan of 20,000 pesos to open his own distillery – what’s now known as “La Primavera” - where Tequila Don Julio continues to be made today.

In honor of Don Julio González’s story and entrepreneurial spirit, The Tequila Don Julio Fund is paying it forward by celebrating Hispanic entrepreneurs who are paving their way as the next generation of “Dons” and “Doñas”. As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, Hispanic entrepreneurs who have shown true devotion to their craft and believe that they embody the next generation of Dons and Doñas were able to apply for a $20,000 grant‡ and business support, which includes networking opportunities and professional resources – all awarded through The Tequila Don Julio Fund.Ω

Join us in congratulating the five grant recipients of The Tequila Don Julio Fund grant program.

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Doña Maria Palacio

Co-Founder & CEO,
Progeny Coffee

As a fifth-generation coffee farmer from Columbia, Maria witnessed firsthand the struggle to maintain a living through coffee. When she moved to the U.S., she strived to help her community back home by creating the next big coffee company that takes care of its farmers. With the devotion and strong work ethic instilled in her, Maria co-founded Progeny Coffee and has already helped increase the income and opportunities for more than 25 Colombian coffee farmers.

Learn more at

Doña Maria Mejia

Founder & CEO,

Born in Guanajuato, the hat capital of the world, Maria dreamt of making her own hats and providing job opportunities for those in her hometown. She believes a hat completes the perfect outfit and, through hard work and determination, started MARME with the mission to empower women everywhere. Inside each MARME hat is the printed quote and her motto, “She believed she could, so she did” as a daily reminder that anything is possible once you believe in yourself.

Learn more at

Don Hector Saldivar

Founder & CEO,
Tia Lupita Foods

When Hector moved to San Francisco he yearned for a taste of home and asked his mother, known affectionately as Tia Lupita, to send him bottles of her special hot sauce. Too good to keep to himself, Hector asked for his mother’s blessing to bottle the sauce for everyone to enjoy. His determination in honoring the legacy of this family recipe has helped bring the bright, bold flavors of his Mexican home to dinner tables everywhere.

Learn more at

Doña Jennifer Ramos Aguilar

Owner & CEO,
Jen Contracting Group

While originally envisioning a different career path, Jennifer used her knowledge and experience from apprenticeships to start Jen Contracting Group, paving the way as one of the very few females in her field. Through persistence and consistency, Jen immersed herself into the construction world to learn everything she could to achieve success, and is now making a name as a top woman-owned company within a male-dominated industry.

Learn more at

Don Polo Valdes

YAPA Artisan Empanadas

Growing up eating empanadas every Sunday in Chile, Polo started cooking these traditional pastries for friends and family when he moved to Texas and received rave reviews. With commitment to creating the perfect empanadas that go the extra mile to bring out tradition, love and enjoyment, YAPA Artisan Empanadas was born to share the classic foods Polo grew up with while creating a memorable experience for customers.

Learn more at

The Tequila Don Julio Fund partnered with ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals For America) for grant distribution and grant recipient support.

ALPFA’s mission is to empower and develop Latino men and women as leaders of character for the nation. ALPFA, Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization.

†The Tequila Don Julio Fund is a donor advised fund with Diageo North America, Inc. as the donor and which is administered by Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, an IRS 501(c)(3) organization. ‡Funds to be provided by a public charitable organizations classified under IRC 501(c)(3) as determined by Diageo Americas, Inc./Tequila Don Julio. Recipient business will not receive monies directly from Diageo Americas, Inc./Tequila Don Julio. ΩBusiness support awarded as 5 year membership in Association of Latino Professionals For America (“ALPFA”), an IRS 501(c)(3) organization.Background image