Tasia Malakasis

How a passion for food led one woman to leave behind a life in the city to pursue her craft.

What I have done is more than a career change, it is a full-on embracing of myself, my home and my pursuit of happiness. There isn’t a risk I haven’t taken to follow this passion which is Fromagerie Belle Chevre.

Growing up in Alabama, all I wanted to do was leave – and I did work in NYC, Silicon Valley and lastly in Philadelphia. But my passion for food, borne at the hands of a Southern grandmother, never subsided.

This passion eventually led me to discover, while I was in NYC, a cheese that was made in my home state of Alabama. I realized it was harder not to pursue my passion than to keep on going as I was. I gave up my job to learn the art of cheese-making and acquire a goat cheese company.

Every culture on the planet has food at all of life’s celebrations and transitions. We celebrate and we heal people with food. I take the fact that I make a food product that ends up on families’ tables very seriously. It is humbling if you think of it in that way.

I overcame innumerable challenges in order to go where I had to go. I overcame them by putting fear aside. There is nothing else to do but to live your own life. It is way too hard to live someone else’s.