Shaher Misif

A passion for entertaining and creativity propelled a former warehouse packer to the top of the bartending scene.

I wanted a job that was both highly social and a creative outlet. One night after work at the warehouse, I sat down with the intention of not moving until I figured out something that could satisfy both of those. And then it came to me—bartending. I realized I could come in and experiment with new drinks every day, meet new people, and put on a show. It was the perfect job for me.

I always had this vision of the bar I wanted. Somewhere with all the fun and friendliness of a dive bar, but with the quality you’d expect at a cocktail bar. And then suddenly, I got to create it. When I got the chance to move to Boston to build up a bar from scratch, it was both scary and exciting. It was new, and I’d never been there. But that fear and excitement is exactly why I took the chance. I knew I just had to take a leap of faith.

I love that my job allows me to create a new experience for people every night. It takes people out of the everyday and transports them to right in the moment. It’s been really rewarding. You have to push yourself, take on new challenges and never become stagnant.