Nathanael Balon

Building his company meant building a real community.

Originally I’m from a small town in Indiana. Throughout my high school career I dabbled in both drumming and building. Towards graduation, I chose building over music at Do Good Work Corporation.

By the time I was in my mid-twenties I was ready for a change so I packed up my stuff and headed west to explore all that California had to offer. I worked in a few different music gigs, ultimately culminating in some extended time on the road touring with my neighbor Skrillex. Forty days into my second tour, I realized I had been daydreaming about spending my Saturdays drinking coffee with my neighbors in our quiet little corner of L.A. I was thinking about building again.

There was a clear choice for me when I started my company. I recognized building as a real passion. By building, I am creating community and maintaining a deep relationship with humanity.