Moses Mitchell

This cameraman turned photographer is invested in telling the human story one portrait at a time.

Throughout my childhood my father was a cameraman for a major TV network, so if I wasn’t in school or skateboarding I was at the news station with my dad. I followed his footsteps and became a news cameraman myself. I took up photography to distinguish myself from my father and make or break my own success.

Being a freelance commercial photographer is way more than just a career change, for me it is a life-long commitment to achieve maximum success. It’s about leaving a legacy for my family and using my talents to inspire and uplift all people.

To use photography to promote truth is a tremendous inspiration. I am happy because I am living my dreams. I can drive down the street and see a billboard and know it’s my work. Happiness is present for me whenever I am shooting.

If you are going to follow your passion, know that it’s not going to be easy and nobody will believe in you more than you do.