Michael Dinh

Starting his own business meant creating a lifestyle and brand around what he enjoyed most, biking.

When working for corporate companies, I saw that I could sell anything that I believed in and had passion for. Whether it was an idea, a goal, or a way of life. I had a love of biking that came about as the result of a passion for freedom, so I figured I could sell that too. After a career in telecommunications I opened my own bike shop, Bici Showroom & Cyclery in Houston. I never wanted to go back to an office.

My shop carries bike gear that is both functional and high design-leather seats, wine holders, boutique bike brands—but there is also a living culture within it. The shop is a neighborhood fixture where people gather and connect over a shared passion. Collaborations are at the core and very existence of my brand, and I am most inspired by seeing other people create beautiful things.

Seek out the culture you want. Trust your instinct and gut. Surround yourself with people of all positions, strengths and backgrounds. Be patient, but not complacent.

Innovation is my passion. We are sentient beings that are blessed with the ability to learn, innovate, and develop through technology, so we have to be self-aware enough to know that we can correct and better ourselves if we wish. You only have yourself to thank or blame in the end. It's the most accountable way of life.

You have to be passionate if you’re going to do those kinds of things. I’m lucky to be working with some of the best people I’ve ever met.