Matias Corea

For the founder of Behance, following passion meant leaving everything else behind.

Moving from Barcelona to New York City. Leaving my country, my family, my friends. Leaving a solid job with a future for a crazy idea without any insurance and all the risk. Moving from graphic design to interaction design and now Behance.

I followed what made me happy. I think a big part of who we become comes from who raised us, who we grew up with. Through my parents’ work as architects I learned that you can use your skills to do good and add value. That’s why I didn’t last too long in advertising.

I like making things, building. Design is just a way for me to solve problems. I’m always curious about how things work. Passion, for me, comes from curiosity.

My biggest fear is to end up doing work that I don’t like. Feeling happy about coming to work every day is the biggest reward. That and learning. I’ve learned so much that I’m still processing it. That’s invaluable.

Passion should be something that is moving you forward. I just don’t see any other way to live.