Francisco Cervantes

How heritage and insatiable curiosity led one young entrepreneur to combine his passions for culture and technology.

My passion has always been in technology, it has always been in making things. But I think that passion has developed to making things for people that matter to me.

I was born in Mexico, and was mainly raised in San Diego, so my life has always been a cultural mash-up. My professional background is in education technology. I previously worked to design robotics control systems and now I work at NYC Department of Education.

A defining moment for me was attending SXSW interactive conference in Austin, Texas. Realizing that there was a community of other nerds like me was a turning point in seeing my future self.

I shifted my work from being a robotics engineer to designing technology that is relevant to my community. I am currently working to launch a curated site that provides reviews on things to do, stuff to eat, and where to hangout in the city, for all aficionados of the Mexican culture.

My biggest fear is not fighting for my greatest ambitions. I am still making my moves, learning from them, and still have more to overcome. It is important to put passion above all, because I find that to be a critical source of energy for me. My passion drives my identity.