Alex Rein

A passion for grown-up slushies led a corporate attorney into a career at the helm of an award-winning frozen drink company.

I’d been kicking around the idea for a more grown-up slushie for a few years, experimenting with recipes in my kitchen, but not seriously pursuing it. In 2009 I got laid off from my job at a large corporate law firm and instead of trying to find another legal job, I took the opportunity to start Kelvin Slush Co. Obviously, going from an office job in a firm with roughly 500 attorneys in NYC to running a frozen drink company that started out as a food truck was a fairly dramatic change.

Most of my friends and family thought that I was crazy to give up law to take a shot at starting a business; some were even actively trying to get me to change my mind. However, if you’re going to pursue your passion and be successful, you need to truly believe in it and be willing to be fully committed. Kelvin was never going to really get off the ground until it became full time.

One of the best parts about starting a business is you never really know what’s going to happen. Each day there are new challenges, exciting opportunities and unique experiences. What drives me is the desire to make this company a success and be able to continue to do what I enjoy doing. You spend a tremendous amount of your time and life working, and it’s much more enjoyable when you are passionate about what you do.