Airstream Speakeasy

A passion for craft cocktails, music and design inspired three friends to reinvent a vintage Airstream and turn it into the first-ever traveling speakeasy.

Creating the Airstream Speakeasy took more than pure passion. It was about having the faith to try something that no one had done before, all while investing years of our time and resources into something that was completely unproven. We really believed that the idea of taking craft cocktails on the road could be a game-changer.

One of the first defining moments was when the three of us first started talking about the idea as a group. At first it was just a theory, but as soon as Ben and I got together with Mark, he immediately pulled out a whiteboard and started to sketch. We knew right then that we had to build it.

It was a challenge. We couldn't get people to understand the concept without showing them the trailer, but we couldn’t build the trailer without other people on board to help. Doing something no one has tried before takes an amazing amount of conviction and imagination. But if you believe in yourself, your idea is sound, and you follow it to its conclusion, other people will start to believe in it too. Everything in life always goes exactly according to plan; it’s just that you don't always know what the plan is yet.

We are inspired every day by the things we’ve seen, done, and tasted. Getting to go on the road with our friends, do what we love, and have a career on our own terms is the ultimate payoff. Passion gives life meaning; it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.